Complete applications using various brands including Siemens, Telemecanique, Fuji, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi. Automated control of machinery, motors, pumps, lights, and hydraulics.
SCADA/Touch Screen HMI
SCADA/Touch Screen HMI SCADA/Touch Screen HMI
Applications featuring data logging, messaging, intuitive machine navigation.
Motor/motion control
Motor/motion control

Motor/motion control
Including single speed motors, variable speed drive systems up to multi axis servo position control systems.

Sensing technologies
Sensing technologies Sensing technologies
Optical, ultrasonic, proximity, laser, vision
Industrial networking
Industrial networking Industrial networking
Different types of industrial networks and remote connectivity. Including Profibus, Profinet, MPI.
Pumping and Close Loop Control
Pumping and Close Loop Control Pumping and Close Loop Control
Applications such as water pumping where the system must maintain constant pressure or flow rate at all times.
Telemetry/radio links
Telemetry/radio links Telemetry/radio links
Remote connectivity to your plant. Using a phone - you can receive pre-recorded message or SMS and control your equipment via SMS. Using your PC/laptop - connect to the site to monitor, record data, view alarms and statictics
Safety systems
Safety systems Safety systems
Different safety categories depending on user's requirements. From hardwired relay circuit to intelligent safety controllers
Home/office Automation
Home/office Automation Home/office Automation
Automated control of power and lights in the home or commercial premesis using Clipsal C-Bus.
Power factor correction
Power factor correction Power factor correction
Power and cost savings for high energy users and industrial sites.


Allen Bradley  Clipsal
Danfoss  Hitachi  Fuji
  IFM  Mitsubishi Electric Omron  Schneider Electric
SEW Eurodrive  Siemens  Telemecanique